9. Scotswood to Wallsend Segedunum Fort

29.07.11  10 miles


Under seven Bridges you must go


I slept well in this nice bed and  it was a quiet and comfortable night. It was time for Breakfast and the dining room was with an open  fireplace and all was so nice decorated. The breakfast was delicious and peaceful. My plan for the last day was to hike to the end of the Hadrians Wall Path at Segedunum Fort, to visit the museum there. Then I would like to go downtown Newcastle. I needed urgent new glasses and Catharina Love, the owner of the hotel, gave me the adress where I could buy one. Also she gave me the number of the busline to find back the way to the hotel.

I had only with me a bottle of water for the hike and started my hike for around 9 miles.

Must go all the way down to the river Tyne, straight through the cemetery. The graves are more colorful decoreted and we have mostly also not a foto on our graves in Germany.

The river was empty this morning the water was gone, it most be ebb tide. The seagulls walked in the mud  and only in the middle of the river was flowing a small water. I was impressed from all the bridges along the way. The bridges are very high, bridges only for cars, for trains and only for people. I liked the scenerie of the bridges. Not many peoples are along the river but the noise of the city showed me it will be a busy day in Newcastle. At Quayside there was a lot to see. The old Fishmarkethall, the Castle high above of the edge , the modern Music Hall "THE SAGE" on the other side of the river in Gateshead, the Millennium Bridge. I saw or better it was a feeling that here is a change from an old city to a more modern and more  cultured town. But I don´t know how was the city in the past.

When I passed the Quayside I must walk through more an industrie area and then comes along walk along the edge of the river. This way was the bike way to wallsend because I lost somewhere the sign of the footpath. The last 3 miles are really not interesting and I had the feeling it is never ending. This way is running between bushes and some trees, with less views to the river. When I reached the Segedunum Fort I had a view to the old docks of Newcastle. It looked like that a platform from an oil isle was demaged on this dock. A ship was laying on the edge of the river.

I visited the museum and it was really interesting. I was impressed from a time show of this area from the beginning of time and the coming of the romans and later the change to the coalmines and the change to the biggest Dock and at least the restauration of this Fort . It was an big model of the landscape here and the changes are running  with a beamer. This show is really great. I had a lunch in the museum and then I visited outside the Fort and the Bath House. Beside the Bathhouse a little garden with healthy plants and plant which the Romans had in the past.

I drove back into the city with a bus, the station is near by also the citytrain. I prefered the bus for sight seeing. Saw the modern building of the University and was going out at mainstaion. Tried to buy a ticket for the backtrip  to Blackpool. But to many people was waiting. So I started a roundtrip through the inner city also to buy new glasses. Passed the Chinese Gate, was in the big mall near the Obelisk. Found my glasses And I was glad to can read all. The last 3 days are difficult for me, had problems to read the map and other informations. Walked through the markethall, visited the Cathedrale and had a short walk on the bridge  beside the cathedrale. Ate a tasty sandwich in a restaurant and one for to go for my supper in the hotel. At the bus station a lot of people was waiting for my bus, I thought  I had to wait for hours to come to the hotel, but 2 busses are coming and all this people went into the busses so I am also, what a surprise.

I had enough for this day and was ready to relax in my hotelroom, I am glad to can now read further my book. Fixed me a cup of tea and enjoyed this nice hotel.