8. Harlow Hill to Scotswood/Newcastle

28.07.11  13 miles


To much eaten of English Pie in Heddon on the Wall


I got a nice Breakfast at the campground, called a Buttie it was like a pie with bacon and very tasty.

My tent was wet from the night and I was waiting for a hour, then packed my backpack for the transport. I putted the money and direcction of the Hotel on it and then I started my hike only with a little bag with water and something to eat. I hoped that my backpack will be  in the Hotel when I am there at afternoon. It was a nice and sunny day and the first fields are in harvest. The Path is running always along the street and some heavy traffic with a lot of noise. I had to go a stupid Loop around a bigger Bed&Breakfast Hotel. Short time later I reached the Rudchester Fort. I saw only some walls like waves in the medow. The modern street is crossing directly through the old Romans Fort. This street was also the old Romans Military Street. As next I had to crossed the Motorway A69 and then I walked into Heddon on Wall. I followed the sign and seems that I lost one of the next one. I visited the rest of the wall and than I was going into the village for something to eat and drink and to buy some food. I found a nice tearoom and they offer a lot of tasty things like english pie.I must have two and a cup of tea. Took a seat outside and enjoyed my Lunch, but one pie was enough so I will eat him for supper tonight.  Elder hikers asked me for the way to the Hadrians Wall Path into the west and I told the dircction because I was coming from there. After Lunch I walked back to the rest of the wall because I thought the Path is running from there to Newcastle, but it wasn´t. And the people where ask me for the way are also here. They are not following my talking, so they are no in the wrong area.  I was searching for the right way and it needed some time to found it. The Path is now running into the Valley of The River Tyne, I had a great view into the big valley. I was running down one path to early and was standing in front of a little forest, I turned right and than left and found a path down to a golf ground. A young biker was coming, he asked me for the way to Newcastle ( he was from Newcastle) I told him " I have the same way and he shall following me, we must go over the golf ground and then we have the path along the river to Newcastle". He was anguish to walk over the golf ground, why?  Is it a holy ground? Nobody was playing there and this young man will not go the fastest way to his path.  I did it and he was following me. He was glad when he had the path to Newcastle and I am wondering about this english fenced and not will have a feet on the holy privat grounds people. That is not to understand for a German, we respect also privat grounds but we have more space to go. We have not every landscape in a fence and you can go every farmway or every way in the forest although it is privat. I was going to the bank of the river and the bank was around 40 feet high and I saw a lot of swallows which was nesting in the steap edge, never before I saw such kinds of swallows nesting like here. So I watched  awhile and enjoyed it very much.

It is a nice walk along the river, I reached Tyne Riverside Country Park. On a memory Stone for the Hadrians Wall I contolled one of my foot because I felt I have an blister. I was wondering after 60 miles I got one blister, but not really bad. I putted a band aid on it and then it was good.

A lot of people with dogs are in the park, many people have more then one dog. I passed Newburn, always along a foot and bike trail, not very excited. Only a sign and a little monument told me that here in Newburn was battle between the English and the Scotish.




 Passed Lemington a nice pub was inviting me for Fish and Chips but I was not hungry so I walked forward. After Lemington the trail is doing a wide Loop to cross the Motorway A1. Crossed a park and reached Scotswood. I talked yesterday with the Hotel and I have to go near the Hospital and Elswick Cemetery but I had no idea when I must leave the footpath here. I asked some people and nobody nows the way. One man told me it is coming a big white building then you must leave the path and go uphill, then ask again. I had no idea how high is the hill of Scotswood, it is steap uphill through a park. I reached a street and turned right, saw a school and the schoolyard was fenced with barbwire. Theschoolyard looked like a prison. Turned left and again uphill. Now comes an area with shops and Restaurants but this area looks not really nice. I would not like to go shopping here, the streets are dirty and outside from a funiture shop are things I could not buy it, it was second hand and looked like trash. Next I found the cemetery and puted out my camera for some pics. Then I saw a sign to the hospital and I must go again uphill. Then I wanted to read the direcction and I don´t find my little paper with the name of the street, I had forgotten the name and the street of the Hotel. Where are my notice, perhaps I lost it in the cemetery. I must going back and don´t find it. I was running around but no little paper and I gave up. I must ask people here where is a hotel. I crossed the street and in that moment a short strong wind was coming and in the middle of the street a little white paper was flighing up and I cachted it, and oh wonder it was my notice. Now I had no problems to find the hotel but nobody opened the door. So I must wait a half hour and I was a little bit cold, the owners was coming from shopping and" We are so sorry etc..."

It is a nice little Bed&Breakfast Hotel and I had a nice room. It was more a room for a Lady all was well decoretad how ladies would love it. My backpack was also laying on  the floor so it was all perfect.  I walked around 13 Miles today  and I was glad to can have a shower and a comfortable bed for the night. This hike today was interested for me to come from the country side into town.