3. Crosby on Eden to Banks

23.07.11    10 miles


Shopping in Irthington


It was a fresh cold morning, the farm was early busy, my tent was wet from the dew of the night. The truck was coming to pick up the fresh early milk. I hung the tent on a rope and then the farmer called for Breakfast. His daughter, the farmer and I had together breakfast, in TV the news from the tragedy in Norge.

They have only on weekend a full English Breakfast and I was happy, it was Saturday.

After Breakfast I packed my backpack, the tent was now dry and I was ready to go. It needs always time to pack all things together in the small backpack. It looked like a nice day and I was on the trail. The first miles I had problems with the heavy backpack but after a while it was going better. First a small path then further on a small farmroad. Children painted a sign "SLOW" means take care of the sheeps. The farmroad turns left and I had to go over a long medow, I saw where are the ditch, it was good to see, I walked on the basement of the wall and a part of the romans military way. Right hand a farm, nearby an campground. On the next medow 2 bigger calfs suckled loud smacking by the mother.

Passed the Carlisle Airport and climbing the next field wall. 2 hiking Ladies are afried because they are here since 2 hours waiting of the husbands. Hope the husbands not in a pub drinking.

I had nothing to eat and for drinking, the Farmer from the High Crosby Farm told me that in Irthington, a little village one mile south of the Wall, I could buy groceries in a Supermarket. I saw the sighn for the nearer footpath but I don´t ffound the path. So I must go longer along the road to Irthington.The supermarket was a small shop with something from this and that. I am also glad that I got stamps for my postcards. As a German I would like to have bread and sausiges but no sausiges, bought a big piece of cheese and a bread like an aerostat. Bought also some sweets, bottle of milk, fruits and than I stoped my buying frenzy! Boy you have to carry all! The Lady from the shop told me that in the next house is living a German Lady, she is living here since 30 year, her husband was as a soldier in Germany. She called the German Lady and I must go to the next door. She told me that her husband is dead but she will stay here and she will not going back to Germany. It is really a nice village and she is living in a nice house with a lot of flowers in the garden. She was knowing a small public footpath back to the wall and after "Auf Wiedersehen" I went back to the Hadrianswall. The way back was so steap and I had problems to come through the kissing gate with my backpack, I must climb into  the kisssing gate and a horse near by must laughing, I am too. Climing up on top of the hill with a wonderful view to Irthington and the landscape around. Back on the wall the path wriggled through some houses and gardens, very small. Further on medows with horses, crossing a big medow, passed an big house and then the path goes down on big steps to another Farm. A little bridge over a creek and then the next Farm. Passed the Farm and it was now lunchtime. Under a tree in the shade I sat down. In my backpack I had wet shirts and for drying I hung the laundry on the fence, hoped the wind and the sun will dry it. Had a nice lunch , had a nice place for rest, the sky was blue and big white clouds hovered  further. All around quietness also the sheeps slept well. That is why I am on hikes  to enjoy such moments.

After the rest I went to Walton, must crossed a bridge of a creek with brown water, then up to Sandysike, here you could sleep in a Barn or a tent. For me it was to early. From the hill before Sandysike I had  a wonderful view to the hills in the south. I know that the pub was closed in Walton because the owner is living in Crosby on Eden and they told me that. 2 Ladies are very sad, her wish was to have a cup of tea in the pub and I told her what I knew. In the Valley east of Walton Children had played in the creek, little watchtowers in the water and a sign don´t destroy this.

The bridges name "Dovecote Bridge". After the bridge I walked straight along the street, I saw a Path on the left side but not realised that it was the Hadrianspath, after a while I had a view on the map and I saw in a short moment the path will cross the street.  When the path crossed the street a nice landscape around, old oak trees along the Footpath and a wonderful view to south east hills. From here I had to walk down to Abbey Gills Wood on soft medows,  I crossed the way to Abbey Farm and Lanercost Priory. I was down in the Valley and now a long and steap walk up to Hare Hill. Three times I must have a little rest. On top there is a nice refreshmentpoint from Hare Hill Farm and you can buy Hadrians Wall T-Shirts. Benches and Tables for your rest and 2 dogs want not that you must have your rest alone. A man came up the hill in a very fast speed, I thought why he is running so fast? He bought 2 bottles of water and taked a seat on the bench but he don´t gave something to the dogs, so I must gave the rest of a sandwich. The man was coming from Maine/USA only to hike the Wall for 4 days. He told me he wanted to go every day 15 miles and this was the first day. He was in my age or a little bit younger.  His rest was only 15 minutes and then he went away. I thought you will never seen him again. I enjoyed this nice place on the hill in the sunshine. I am very near Banks now where I want to sleep. A half mile further I saw a rest of the Wall, this was the first time to see the wall of stone, before I saw often the ditch the Vallum and some craggedness on the ground. From Harlow hill I went into the valley and then steap up to Banks. Banks is a nice little village on a hill.  I saw the sign fo Camping and rung at the door. A nice Lady gave me the intruction for camping and the ground was on the other side of the street between medows with sheeps. I had ashower in the family bathroom and the restroom was a small MiniWC on the campground, very clean