The Hadrian`s Wall runs from Newcastle Upon Tyne to Bowness on Solway, westcoast.

Built in the time of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. The construction started in AD 122 and was completed within 16 years.

The footpath has 84 mile/ 135 Km

You can see part of the stonewall, Castles, Towers, Milecastles, old Bridges, the Military Way


All of this you can see: The foundation of the walls. In books you see mostly the beautiful pictures from the middle part of the wall, which is very viewy. But you have to walk around 10 mile along the River Tyne on sidewalks and streets. Most of the trail is running through farmland but the grass of the trail was always cutted and it was comfortable to walk. Some parts are really muddy from the rain and the farmanimals, sheeps, Goats and Cattles. In the first time it is uncomfortable to pass young bulls but later it is  a routine. Don´t count the sheeps, you would never come to sleep, too many! You have to open always kissing gates, you must climbing on steps over walls and again a kissing gate.

I walked the wall from the west, Bowness on Solway to Newcastle Upon Tyne. The Hadrien`s Wall Path is well marked.

I had a direct flight from Frankfurt to Manchester. You can go by train from Manchester airport to Carlisle or to Newcastle. I visited first friends in Blackpool. The train needed 1,5 h from the airport to Blackpool north. I was coming to Blackpool (Monday 18th of July 2011) and it was a rainy day, cold, windy and cloudy. Wednesday morning my friends drove me from Blackpool to Carlisle. Heavy rain on the motorway, not a good start for hiking the Hadrian´s Wall path. In Carlisle we don´t find the way out to Boustead Hill. Nobody on the streets to ask. In a gasoline station we found an answer. 2 hours driving in and around Carlisle to find the way out, terrible and all in really heavy rain. My plan was to walk the first 6 miles from the beginning of the wall to the Barn I want to sleep for the night this day. The heavy rain and our late coming to the barn was the reason that I do not hiked this afternoon. I was the only guest on the Hill Farm. First floor was a large kitchen and a nice view to the sea and to the River Eden. On the first floor are 6 double beds a shower and a toilet. All was easy but clean and functional. I had no time to go shopping in Carlisle so I had nothing to eat for tonight . Sandra the owner of the farm was very kindly, she gave me bread, milk and told me: "You can take from the food here in the kitchen, all was only the half price than in a shop. So I fixed me a lunch, drunk english tea and I enjoyed my coming to the wall. The rain ended late afternoon and I had a little walk with sunset along the nearby coast. It seems the weather will be nice for my first walk on the Wall.